We promote self-reliance and quality care. Hence, we provide OT services to help you rehabilitate your independence and vitality.

Utilizing your daily living activities, our state-licensed and board-certified occupational therapists can assist you in regaining your independence. At DMV, we aim to make our patients feel self-reliant and still in control of their lives amid any disability or illness. That is why we offer occupational therapy services to patients who are suffering from the debilitating consequences of their condition. They are given the opportunity to perform various activities with the guidance of our OTs. Our OTs will assist them if deemed necessary for the completion of a certain task, promoting the patients’ independence. Out OTs also take a look at their home and the environment they usually get involved with and make essential modifications to uphold their health and safety.

Let’s discuss your needs. Feel free to request a schedule of your assessment with our medical professionals to know which treatment plan suits you best. You can also call us at 240-501-9375 for an immediate response. But for your convenience, simply send us a message through our online form. Thank you for trusting us at DMV!